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LOADpro 48v Dynamic Test Leads

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The 48V LOADpro is designed to be used on circuits from 12 Volts up to 48 Volts.

Use the 48V LOADpro  with your meter to find these problems FAST:
* High Corrosive Resistance
* Shorts to ground
* Open Circuits

12V applications include automotive, heavy-duty, marine, off-road, agriculture and electric vehicles.

48V applications include electric equipment, lift trucks, scissor lifts, golf carts and other battery powered vehicles. 

Use the 48V LOADpro with your DMM to perform voltage drop test with the push of a button

Connect the 48V LOADpro to your with your DMM. Then connect the 48V LOADpro to a circtuit, press the LOADpro switch to apply a load across the circuit. This simple test finds problems in corroded wires/connections and shorts to ground.

* 48V LOADpro unit with 60" voltmeter leads
* 47" Ground extension with black SteadyPin Probe, attached to tesLOAD unit.
* Pair of SteadyPin tips
* Pair of small Alligators
* User Manual


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This Item: LOADpro 48v Dynamic Test Leads
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How much load does the 48V LoadPro output?

The load applied varies with the amount of voltage:
48V is ~ 1A
24V is ~ .5A
12V is ~ .25A


SteadyPin Probes

LOADpro features SteadyPin probe tips.

Instead of a pointed probe, SteadyPin tips have a small recess at the tip that allows the probe to sit firmly on a male ECM or connector pin. Traditional pointed probes fail to give an effective connection and creates difficulties in completing manufacturer specific voltmeter tests.



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