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> Lab Scopes Accessories > Test Drive Test Leads for Snap-on 4-channel Scopes

Compatible with the ZUES
Compatible with the VERUS
Compatible with the MODIS
4 signal and ground leads connected to the Snap-on Verus

Test Drive Test Leads for Snap-on 4-channel Scopes

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
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Clean it up with AES' ST3 Test Lead Kit!The 4-ft long test leads included with the Snap-on Zues®, VERUS®, or MODIS® scopes have two problems:
- they are too short for test drives
- stacking the grounds is messy and cumbersome

The AES ST3 Test Lead Kit for Snap-on 4-channel Scopes overcomes these problems when used with the Zues®, VERUS®, or MODIS®.

Take your scope on test drives!
The ST3 Test Lead Kit contains 4 test leads that are shielded tip-to-tip and 10-ft long: long enough to reach from the engine compartment and into the back seat if needed.

Eliminate Ground Stacking Problems
Ground stacking becomes an issue when using more than one channel, and a potential danger when all four channels are utilized. The ST3 Test Lead Kit includes a Ground Pigtail to organize multiple grounds from test leads and amp probes, etc... when using multiple channels.

Keep your scope on the cart!
Set up a station for your scope and keep it there. Eliminate the worry of balancing it under the hood of the car or on a fender. Additionlly, with the lead set still hooked up, you have enough cable to move your scope inside the car when you to take it for a test drive.

Set of 4 test leads, one ground pigtail, and 3 ground extensions.
• Yellow test lead: 10-ft long
• Green test lead: 10-ft long
• Blue test lead: 10-ft long
• Red test lead: 10-ft long
• Ground Pigtail: 5-1/2 inches long
• Three 3-ft Ground Extensions

Characteristics of the ST3 Test Drive Test Leads for the Snap-on 4-Channel Scopes  (AES# 03-760-Snap):
Attentuation:   1:1
Connection at Scope:   Signal: 4mm shrouded, stacking Banana-plug
  Ground: 4mm shrouded, stacking Banana-plug                            
Cable:   ST3, Shielded  
Color:   Yellow, Green, Blue, Red
Length:   10-ft
Connection at vehicle:    Signal: 4mm shrouded Banana-plug
  Ground: 4mm shrouded, stacking Banana-plug



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