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ESN4000 Contents

eSCAN ELITE with Tablet

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Backordered until March/April, will return with a new housing and more robust tablet.

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The tablet included with the ESN4000 is preloaded with the eSCAN software, a USB software card is not included.

All scan tools display DTCs and allow you to view PID Data, but they ignore valuable clues that would help you fix cars more quickly. 

The eSCAN ELITE uses Sharpshooter™ Technology to find those clues by accessing on-board vehicle data, interpreting it, then displaying it in a color-coded format that is extremely easy to understand: 
GREEN is good
YELLOW is marginal
ORANGE and RED are bad
The eSCAN ELITE is really that easy. During a test drive, the eSCAN Voice Mode will announce the status of fuel trim, vacuum and battery status.

The eSCAN is not a bi-directional, all-systems or enhanced scan tool. It is a driveablility tool, an OBD-II analyzer that goes beyond codes to do things scan tools don't do, such as:
► calculate and display catalyst efficiency
► determine if the air/fuel ratio is correct and if the MAF is working properly
► display fuel trim charts at different engine speeds
► calculate volumetric efficiency
► translate Mode 6 data to simple English

Technicians of all levels can speed up their diagnostics with the eSCAN ELITE. 

eSCAN ELITE Analyzes Total Fuel Trim
ESCAN ELITE displays Total Fuel Trim (TFT) with the vertical axis representing load and the horizontal axis showing engine RPM. It is quite easy to see the problem gets worse as the load increases. This can be seen by the green at the bottom light load condition moving to red as the load increases (Click screen shots to enlarge).

eSCAN ELITE Volumetric Efficiency Test
In order to identify the cause of the problem, a Volumetric Efficiency (VE) test will be run on the amount of air being read by the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. The yellow trace is produced from the MAF sensor and the red trace shows what the engine's air pumping capability should be. It's easy to see the air reading is low compared to the MAF sensor reading. This indicates the MAF sensor is misreading the air volume entering the engine.

To better understand these data charts a VE/TFT Comparison test is run. Comparing the Total Fuel Trim (TFT) chart with the VE chart it is easy to see that the air reading shown in blue matches the fuel trims shown in yellow. This Comparison indicates that the MAF sensor is bad. These patented diagnostic tests allow the technician to quickly and accurately make a diagnosis regardless of the complexity of the problem.


eSCAN ELITE analyzes Relative Cranking Compression

eSCAN ELITE Accelerometer Power Test 0-60 MPH
eSCAN ELITE Accelerometer Braking Test 30-0 MPH 

The eSCAN ELITE features:
- Very fast auto connect
- Easy PID Setup plus Calculated PIDs
- Digital and Slide Bar Readouts
- Powerful Graphing
- Reading and Decoding Mode6 Data
- Recording of Data and Screen Shots
- Cursor Measurements of Charted or Recorded Data
- Reading and Decoding DTCs and Pending Codes
- Reading Freeze Frame Data
- Reading and Plotting Monitors
- Reading O2 Sensor Data
- Resetting DTCs

The eSCAN alert lights on the left side of each screen are constantly updated and give you information on Bank 1 and Bank 2 as well as the status of the control system. The eSCAN includes patented Sharpshooter™ technology, which uses OBD-II data like no other scan tool ever has. When you use it in your shop it will help you verify:
- MAF Sensor Problems
- Catalytic Efficiency Problems
- Fuel Control Problems
- Fuel Delivery Problems
- Low Power Problems 
- Charging System Problems 
- Mechanical Problems 
- and much more.

Kit Contents
• eSCAN ELITE User Interface
• Tablet (specifications below) with Ruggedized Housing and SCAN ELITE software installed
• Tablet Pen
• 6-ft USB Cable
• Paperboard storage box
• 1-year Warranty

Tablet Specifications to be Updated when new tablet becomes available
• Ultra Slim Tablet PC with 10” IPS HD Display
• Windows 10 Home
• Intel Quad-Core CPU
• 64GB HDD
• USB 3.0
• 5MP and 2MP Cameras
• Bluetooth 4.0
• Micro HDMI
Warning: This tablet's processor is not sufficient to run the eSCOPE ELITE software.

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