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Two full systems for VW/Audi
PC runs VCDS
Apple, Windows, and Android devices run VCDS-mobile in a web browser

VCDS® Premium Professional Kit

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The Ross-Tech VCDS® with HEX-NET® Pro is not an OE-tool but... in some ways it's better than the OE tool and is inexpensive enough to be a must-have tool for any technician that works on VAG models 1995 to current.

* Independent Repair Shops
* Dealership Technicians
* Transmission Specialists
* Locksmiths

Its VCDS and VCDS-Mobile software surpasses all other aftermarket tools and rivals the factory tool at a fraction of the cost!

Its HEX-NET Pro hardware includes an embedded license for both the PC-based VCDS and smart-device based VCDS-Mobile.

The VCDS® Professional Kit with HEX-NET® Pro is not VIN-limited, includes a heavy-duty storage case and 15 Tickets for live telephone tech support from Ross-Tech.


Performs all necessary EPB functions in VAG models!

Use the SRI Reset function to reset the Service Interval Reminder (SRI) on Audi and VW. The Service Interval Reminder (SRI) may include oil mileage interval, the service mileage interval, and the service time interval.

The depth you expect from an OEM-level tool:

* Compatible with all diagnostic-capable VW/Audi passenger cars from 1995 to current; K, K+L, dual-K, or CAN.
* Factory level access to all modules
* Comprehensible DTC Descriptions
* Labelled and Searchable MVB Data
* Basic Settings with Descriptions
* Service Reminder Reset
* Database of more than 9200 fault-codes and measuring-block texts.
* Uses 7-Digit PIN/SKC codes to match new keys in all immobilizer equipped models.
* Alter settings normally accessible only to dealerships
* Code replacement modules and select options
* Log and graphs 3 groups of Measuring Blocks at once
* View and log live data
* Accesses all control modules which require proprietary VAG modes running KWP-2000 protocols (2001+ Teves Mk.60 ABS, numerous 2002+ modules)
* Displays critical timing information on TDI engines in graphic form

The VAG-COM Diagnostic System (VCDS) also does one thing the factory tool does not: Logging of live data for later analysis. It is also faster and easier to use than the factory tool, even technicians at VW of America use this tool rather than the factory tool.


• Connects via WiFi or USB
• Includes an embedded license for VCDS and VCDS-Mobile software
• Windows-based VCDS software connects via WiFi or USB 
• Browser-based VCDS-Mobile software connects via WiFi to most smart devices and desktop/laptops
• 32-bit micro-controller and fully updateable firmware.
• Three bi-color (red/green) satus/activity LEDs
• 12 month guarantee against defects in workmanship or materials.
• Free software updates via the web


HEX-NET® Pro hardware is not VIN-limited and is compatible with all diagnostic-capable VAG passenger cars from 1995 to current; K, K+L, dual-K, or CAN, and UDS/ODX.

Optional adapter available separately for 1990-1995 pre-OBDII vehicles with the 4-wire 2×2 port. 

It will work with "chipped" vehicles if the chip-vendor did nothing that interferes with diagnostic functions.


System Requirements

VCDS PC-based software: requires a 1.5 GHZ dual core processor with 1 Gb of RAM and Windows 7 or newer (Windows 7 through 10, but not RT) with an available USB 2.0 (or higher) port. Using a PC that is robust enough to properly support the operating system of the computer is robust for VCDS. Not Supported: Windows running inside a Virtual Machine (for example on a Mac).

VCDS-Mobile browser-based software: requires devices with WiFi and modern browser.  Compatible with:
Desktop/Laptops - MacOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows® versions from Windows XP to current.
Smart Devices - Apple iPad®, iPhone®, etc, most Android® phones and tablets, Blackberry Z10®, Q10®, etc., Microsoft Surface® & Windows Phone®, KindleFire®, etc.


Contents and Tech Support
(2) HEX-NET Pro Wifi & USB Interface for VCDS and VCDS-mobile
(2) USB A-to-B detachable Cable w/screw lock (2m)
(2) Right Angle OBD-II DLC extension (6-ft)
(1) 2×2 adapter for older cars
(1) Heavy Duty Carrying/Storage Case
(1) USB Flash Drive w/VCDS program
(1) Getting Started Manual
(1) 15-ticket Annual Live Telephone Tech Support Plan
Free software updates
Free Support via Email, Forum, Wiki
One-year warranty on hardware
WiFi configuration support is only provided via the Ross-Tech Support Forum, in English only. 

Product Support
- The HEX-NET Pro is fully supported by Ross-Tech via e-mail or over the phone as a USB interface for VCDS.
- WiFi configuration support is only provided via the Ross-Tech Support Forum, in English only. 


Ross-Tech, VCDS, VCDS-Mobile, VCDS-Cloud and HEX-NET are registered trademarks of Ross-Tech, LLC, USA. Authorized use of these has been granted to “Name of Ross-Tech key partner.”

VCDS-Mobile on a Galaxy Note


VCDS-Mobile with iPhone 4


HEX-NET Getting Started


Ross-Tech DeMystifies VW/Audi Diagnostics


VCDS-Mobile is diagnostic software that uses the HEX-NET moduleVCDS Mobile includes a web server in the interface and can be used with any device that has WiFi and a modern web browser.


VCDS-Mobile has two modes of operation, Stand-Alone and Cloud-Connected.


In Stand-Alone mode, VCDS-Mobile can do Auto-Scans, read and clear fault codes, look at measuring values, and log data. 


In Cloud-Connected mode it can communicate with the VCDS-Cloud server (and it's associated with an account on the server), to gain additional functionality and is able to do Adaptations, Basic Settings, Coding, Login/Security-Access, and so on.   


On control modules that use the latest UDS/ODX protocol, it's not possible to interpret fault codes or show any meaningful measuring value data without a 'data dictionary' file specific to the control module in question. VCDS-Mobile will download these from the Cloud server on an as-needed basis. Once it has downloaded the data for a specific module, that data will be cached (stored on-board) and will remain available even when VCDS-Mobile does not have a connection to the Cloud server.  The best way to ensure that VCDS-Mobile has the data available for the control modules in your car(s) is to do a complete Auto-Scan on any car(s) that you will be using VCDS-Mobile on, then manually check for updates.


Function Chart

The chart below shows the functions currently supported by VCDS and VCDS-Mobile software as compared to the factory scan tools. Keep in mind that not all controllers in all cars will support all functions so please refer to the Factory Repair Manual for each vehicle to determine what should be supported. Also some functions (such as Advanced Measuring Values) may only work with supporting documentation which may not be exist for some modules at the present time. Some UDS functions require supporting documentation for VCDS-Mobile that requires a cloud connection at least once. Click on each of the links in the chart for more information including known limitations. 

Both the VCDS and VCDS-Mobile are included with the VCDS® Professional Kit (HEX-NET).

Factory Tool: VAS/ODIS VCDS VCDS-Mobile

Up to $15,000 
Function Number / Name



Platform Windows PC

Windows PC


(for use on Smart Devices: Apple, Android, etc...)

00 AutoScan Yes Yes
01 Control Unit Info Yes Yes
02 Read Fault Codes Yes Yes
03 Output Tests Yes Yes
via Cloud
Selective Output Tests Yes Yes
via Cloud
04 Basic Settings Yes Yes
via Cloud
05 Clear Fault Codes Yes Yes
06 Close Controller Yes Yes
07 Code Module Yes Yes
via Cloud
Code Slave Modules Yes Yes
via Cloud
08 Measuring Blocks Yes Yes, via
Advanced Measuring Values
Advanced Measuring Values Yes Yes
09 Single Reading Yes TBD
10 Adaptation Yes Yes
via Cloud
11 Login / Coding II Yes Yes
via Cloud
15 View Readiness Yes TBD
Guided Readiness Scripts Yes Planned
16 Security Access Yes Yes
via Cloud
18 Supported Codes Yes TBD
33 Generic OBD-II Yes TBD
18 Freeze-Frame Data Yes Yes
Dual K-Line Support Yes Yes
7-Digit PINs (VAS only) Yes TBD
Code Database Up to Date Yes Yes
Diagnostics via CAN Yes 
(with CAN Interface)
Transport Mode Yes Planned
Support for Dual ECUs Yes Yes
Data Logging Yes Yes
HighSpeed DataLogging
(Factory tools cannot do this!)
Real-Time Graphs
(Factory tools cannot do this!)
Yes Yes
Real-Time Gauges
(Factory tools cannot do this!)
Yes Yes
Graphic TDI Timing Checker
(Factory tools cannot do this!)
Control Module Finder
(Factory tools cannot do this!)
Automated Service Reset (SRI) Yes Planned
ECU Mileage Checker
(Many EDC-15/16 ECUs)
Yes Planned
Controller Channel Maps Yes TBD
Wireless Connection via WiFi Yes
with HEX-NET
Installation List Yes Planned
LT3/Crafter Support Yes
with HEX+CAN only

"Planned" = We plan to add this function but it is not currently available. 
"TBD" = To Be Determined, since we are still evaluating the incorporation of this function



All DTCs are decoded


VAG-COM's extensive database of over 9200 codes provides helpful descriptions without the need for you to look up the code. Each fault gives the code number as well as a phrase to describe the code.


VAG-COM tells you how many fault codes have been found and displays each of them. The 5-digit or 7-digit number is a standardized VAG fault code, which can be searched in the Factory Repair Manuals.


The text is a description of the part and failure mode. The letter and number combination in parentheses is the DIN Component Identifier. This is followed by elaborators describing the condition of the fault.


The second line contains the P-code, or generic OBD-II code (if it exists, there are thousands of VAG codes without generic OBD-II equivalents).






Full Access to All Systems

The VAG-COM is not limited to emissions-related systems, it provides access to all systems and groups them logically.





Live Data and Graphing (VAG-Scope)


Watch live data from all modules. Log the data of later playback and analysis or graph it live. Date can also be show in a 'gauge' format.







The Adaptation function allows you to alter certain values and/or settings in control modules which support it, including the new LONG ADAPTATION.


Use the [Up] and [Dn] buttons next to Channel Number to scroll through all 99 possible channels, or manually enter a channel number and click [Read].


If a channel exists, VAG-COM will show you the Stored Value. If a channel does not exist, the Stored Value will show as "N/A".


Other data the controller may or may not send will be decoded and shown in the four display fields at the top of the screen.


Once you have reached a channel of interest, use the [Up] and [Dn] buttons next to New Value to incrementally change and test the value. Or directly enter a New Value and click [Test]. This will tell the controller to temporarily use the new value so you can evaluate it's effects.


When you are satisfied with the effect of a New Value, you can store it in the Controller permanently by clicking [Save].





Basic Settings


This screen is presented when a Control Module is in Basic Settings Mode. Common uses for the Basic Settings function include:
* calibrate the Throttle Body
* calibrate Kick-Down
* calibrate Air Suspension's Ride Height
* adjust Self-Leveling Headlamps
* change Rear Brake Pads
* bleed ABS Hydraulic Unit
* many more...


Basic Settings Mode is very similar to Measuring Blocks, and the contents of each display group is the same. The difference between the functions is that the Control Module may try to perform various calibrations while in Basic Settings mode.


On Controllers using KWP-2000, there is now an [ON/OFF/Next] button that allows you to initiate and exit Basic Settings while still being able to see the values in the measuring groups.





Output Tests


Using the Output Test feature of the VAG-COM you can test individual systems or components by activating the component manually.


Output Tests under KWP-2000 includes simultaneous measuring data when available from the control module in question.





Code Modules


Code replacement modules and select options using VAG-COM's Recode Module function.  VAG-COM lets you perform the LONG CODING and coding of SLAVE MODULES.








The VAG-COM does not perform programming functions.


If you have 'secret code' you can perform key programming functions with VAG-COM.
If you do not have the 'secret code' then you must send the vehicle to the dealer. This is a limitation imposed by the manufacturer.





7-digit PIN/SKC Entry


The 7-digit PIN/SKC (Secret Key Code) dialog is used for Key Matching and Immobilizer 3 Adaptation.


You must provide the following information:
* 7-digit SKC that the dealer generated for your exact Immobilizer ID Number.
* Date on which the 7-digit SKC was GENERATED BY THE DEALER.
* Workshop Code (WSC) for the dealer that generated the SKC.
* Importer Number for the dealer that generated the SKC.


If you have 'secret code' you can perform key programming functions with VAG-COM.
If you do not have the 'secret code' then you must send the vehicle to the dealer. This is a limitation imposed by the manufacturer.





TDI Timing Checker


This plug-in allows you to check the injection timing setting on a TDI engine. This should be done after changing the timing belt.


This plug-in reports the timing on the graph in real-time, so you don't need to have your manual sitting on your lap at the same time. The application also gives you a comment in the "result" field, that will tell you if all the conditions are fulfilled to check the timing (some people don't realize you need to have the engine running, for instance...) and if your timing is within specs or not.





Tech Tip Stories


Volkswagen/Audi Control Module Coding De-Mystified - Motor Age Magazine, June 2009
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