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> Lab Scopes > 4-Channel Pico 4425A STANDARD Diagnostic Kit (PQ178)

PicoScope 4425A vs 4425
PicoScope 6 vs 7 screen layout
4425a compatible with all BNC types

4-Channel Pico 4425A STANDARD Diagnostic Kit (PQ178)

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The Pico PQ178 STANDARD Diagnostic Kit includes the 4425A Picoscope module, PicoBNC+™ test probes, and accessories in a sturdy carrying case. The 4425A uses PicoScope Automotive software which is updated continuously with no subscription costs or in-app purchases. It's easy for students and novices to use, and powerful enough for Master Technicians, trainers, and instructors. 

The 4425A generation of Picoscope utilizes PicoBNC+™ that provides smart probe interfacing, powered probes, and status lights on each channel, as well as full compatibility with your existing PicoScope or third-party BNC probes. Image below shows probes with PicoBNC+™ and traditional BNC connected to the 4425A.

The unique capabilities and characteristics of the PicoBNC+™ include:
• Push to connect, does not require a twist like old-fashioned BNC connectors. 
• Identifies the probe to PicoScope software which will auto-configure for that specific probe.
• Provides power from the scope module to the probe, great for overnight battery drain tests! 
• Will Auto-zero current clamps and other probes.
• Includes bright status lights for each channel.

PicoScope 4425A Hardware
The PicoScope 4425A scope module includes the features that make PicoScope hardware the most powerful and versatile automotive scope:
• ±200 V to ±50 mV input ranges with floating inputs
• Up to 400 M samples/second (Fast enough for FlexRay, CAN FD etc.)
• 512MB Deep Memory inside the scope (Capture intermittent faults that other scopes miss)
• ConnectDetect® for confirmation of good contact
• USB2 or USB3 connectivity to PC
• Hardware frequency coupling
• Hardware & software triggers and filters
• NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) diagnostics
• Compatible with Pico transducers (WPS500X and WPS600C) and third-party transducers such as the Firstlook.
• Compatible with Pico NVH interfaces. 

PicoScope Software
Pico has continuously upgraded and improved their Windows-based automotive software for over 20 years. Beginning with PicoScope 7, it is optimized for touchscreen/tablet devices and will become compatible with Linux and macOS. With PicoScope software you can:
• Set up your scope quickly with over 150 guided tests
• Auto-configure PicoBNC+™ probes 
• See your waveforms in high definition and with minimal delay.
• Evaluate your waveforms with powerful tools: Math channels, Masks/Alarms, Serial Decoding, Rotation/Phase markers (eg 720 degree rotation)
• Save and share your waveforms
• Exclusive access to the Pico Waveform Library with over 5500 entries.
• PicoDiagnostics for NVH, Cylinder compression, battery, alternator and starter testing, cylinder misfires / balance
• Get free updates for PicoScope Automotive software with no subscriptions or in-app purchases.

Contents of the Pico PQ178 STANDARD Diagnostic Kit 

PicoScope Module
1 - Pico 4425A 4-channel scope module (PR340)
Test Leads and Breakouts
1 - PicoBNC+ 3-meter Test Lead: Blue, 4mm permanent ground (TA404)
1 - PicoBNC+ 3-meter Test Lead: Red, 4mm permanent ground (TA405)
1 - PicoBNC+ 3-meter Test Lead: Green, 4mm permanent ground (TA406)
1 - PicoBNC+ 3-meter Test Lead: Yellow, 4mm permanent ground (TA407)
1 - PicoBNC+ 10:1 scope probe (TA499)
2 - PicoBNC+ secondary ignition pickup (TA397)
1 - PicoBNC+ COP probe (TA398)
1 - Earth wire for coil pack 45cm long (TA106)
2 - HT extension test lead (TA037)
1 - PicoBNC+ 60A AC/DC Current Clamp (TA473)
1 - PicoBNC+ 200A/2000A AC/DC Current Clamp  (TA388)
1 - Fuse Extension Lead for ATC (TA034)
1 - Fuse Extension Lead for Mini (TA035)
Clips, Probes, and Adapters
2 - Small crocodile clip (black) (TA003)
2 - Small crocodile clip (red) (TA004)
2 - Multimeter style test probe (black) (TA001)
2 - Multimeter style test probe (red) (TA002)
2 - Battery clip 4mm socket (red) (TA157)
2 - Battery clip 4mm socket (black) (TA158)
4 - Flexible back pinning probe (black) (TA161)
4 - Flexible back pinning probe (red) (TA162)
4 - 4mm shrouded to unshrouded adaptor red (TA017)
1 - Electronics Acupuncture Probes (TA008)
1 - S Hook (Ml168)
1 - USB Cable: USB 3.0 blue, 1.8 meters (TA155)
1 - Carry Case : 4425A Standard (PA209)
1 - 24-months - Scope module
1 - 12-months - all other items

Computer Requirements
To ensure that PicoScope operates correctly, you must have a computer with at least the minimum system requirements to run your Windows operating system, which must be one of the versions listed in the following table. The performance of the PicoScope will be better with a more powerful PC, and will benefit from a multi-core processor.

Item Specification
32–bit or 64–bit editions of:
- Windows 10
- Windows 8 (not Windows RT)
- Windows 7
Linux TBD
As required by the operating system
As required by the operating system
Free disk space
As required by the operating system
USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 ports(s)

Comparison: Pico 4425A vs 4425 hardware. Differences are in red.
On mobile devices view table in landscape mode.

Comparison PicoScope 4225A vs 4225


Comparison: PicoScope 6 and 7 software.
On mobile devices view table in landscape mode.

Comparison PicoScope 6 vs 7


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