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Amp Hound 2 Automotive Amp Meter for Fused Circuits

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Use the Amp Hound 2 Amp Meter for Fused Circuits on 6v, 12v and 24v electrical systems, no need to remove a fuse which reduces the amount of time to determine the current in the circuit. Measure parasitic drains without consulting voltage drop charts or interrupting the circuit.

The Amp Hound 2 makes it possible to determine the amount of current in a fused circuit, in real time, without removing the fuse! Use it with Mini/LP/Micro ATM, ATO and MAXI type fused circuits.

Runs in two modes: Snapshot and Real-time Reading.


CONVENIENT: Attach adapter to fuse or just touch the probes to the top of the fuse.

EVEN MORE CONVENIENT: Elminates the need to refer to voltage drop charts.

AUDIBLE: Tone lets you know when you are touching a fuse. No guesswork, no need to stare at the meter. This makes working in under-the-dash fuse boxes much simpler.

FUSE TYPES: Works on new fuse types Mini-LP and Micro-Fuse, along with three of the most common automotive fuses types: Mini, Standard and Maxi with all of the most common ranges.

SAFE: No chance of shorting a circuit while the fuse is removed.

Real time readings of current and amps in fused circuit without removing fuse.

Special Fuse Adapters lock on to fuse to give user hands free control.

Includes all features from original Amp Hound that allows easy component testing and Parasitic Drain location.
Takes amperage readings without having to access hard to reach components.

• Amp Hound 2 base unit
• Small Fuse connector
• Medium Fuse connector
• Large Fuse connector
• Test leads
• Manual
• 1-year warranty on the base unit



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