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Tarnish on the silver coated BNC is normal

AutoSim Pro Automotive Sensor Simulator

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

The AutoSim Pro is a specialized signal generator that will simulate sensors and actuators on 12-volt systems used in both cars and trucks. It can also command PWM components up to 4.0 amps and generate PWM voltage signals for component testing. It features two fully independent outputs and adjustable voltage output from 0 to ±12 volts (10 mV step).

Signal generator
Generate sine, square, triangle, and sawtooth signals up to 20 kHz to test all type of components and sensors as well as for the analysis of electrical wiring circuits. Control the output signal: peak-to-peak amplitude, frequency, duty-cycle and pulse width. A microcontroller sets the output voltage in the range of 0V to ±12V accordingly to the programmed curves.

Stress test solenoids and relays with control of starting and peak voltage up to ±12V, On and Off time, and the number of pulses (up to 1000). Use pulse mode to perform injector/rail pressure drop tests on vehicles that do not have a scan tool option available. Combining the Auto Sim Pro with an oscilloscope allows you to check a function over a long period of time in a control setting when suspecting intermittent or heat soak failures or components.

Precise DC voltage source
Bipolar output delivers up to ±12V with 10 mV resolution and up to 35 mA of current.

Sensor Embedded Presets
The AutoSim Pro simulates the output signal from automotive sensors, generate various signal waveforms with adjustable parameters and drive power solenoid actuators. Designed specifically for automotive use it will generate AC or DC signals, such as, crankshaft position sensor simulator, oxygen sensor simulator (both zirconia and titania type ) as well as knock sensor simulator; all with adjustment ability to mimic most any situations.

Independent Outputs
The AutoSim Pro features two fully independent outputs that can be run simultaneously:
• S-Out has a maximum output of 33mA at 12V and is best used for creating module inputs.
• P-Out is a ground-controlled output can drive actuators and solenoids with up to 4 amps of current at 12V.

- Two fully independent outputs (S-out, P-out)
- Standalone device or can be used with lab scope
- Ultra-fast boot time
- Operates on both 12-Volt electrical systems
- Illuminated 2.4" TFT LCD 320х240 display for optimum visibility
- Protection against reverse polarity connection
- Low distortion factor and high signal-to-noise ratio for brilliant signals
- Adjustable frequency range from 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz
- Generating variable power PWM signals up to 4 A
- One-wire hook-up PWM output
- Precise DC voltage source
- Internal Micro SD card for firmware updates.
- Silver coated military grade BNC (tarnish is normal and will not affect performance)

- Variable adjustable voltage output from 0 to ±12 volts
- Simulates actual working condition of the most automotive sensors
- Efficient fault elimination without replacing parts "on suspicion"
- Simulates O2 sensor signals: Zirconia and Titania
- Checking of basic ECU operation
- Controlling the output signal allows to check the ECU response and operation
- It can drive ECU into “open” or “closed” loop
- Activation of a large number of actuators
- Simulates crank and cam sensors inductive and hall
- In both crank and cam modes you are able to adjust the number of teeth and the missing teeth

Kit Contents
- AutoSim Pro main device
- Test Lead, BNC Coaxial, Straight Plug to 4mm Banana Plugs x 2, 60 V, 1000 mm
- Test Lead, 2mm Banana Plug to 4mm Banana Plug, Blue, 60 V, 10 A, 800 mm
- Micro SD memory card
- Power supply cable
- User Manual
- 2-year warranty




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