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Frame Package
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Complete ADAS Package

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Autel's Complete ADAS Package includes a sturdy frame, numerous targets and related accessories to get you started with static and dynamic calibrations on ADAS-enabled vehicles (Domestic, Asian, European), for use in collision repair, glass replacement, and repair.


The package includes -

the Frame Package, a 200-lb metal, modular frame with a 9-ft crossbar with sliding plate and a removeable large magnetic pattern board. The frame is fine-tuned adjustable horizontally and vertically and designed to make the targets easily interchangeable. Wheel clamps.

the LDW Target Package 1, patterns and targets for Honda (x3), Hyundai/Kia, Mercedes, Nissan, Nissan/Infiniti, Toyota, Toyota/Lexus; and the Target Board Holder which inserts into the calibration frame.

the ADAS Calibration Package, patterns and accessories for Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Night Vision (NV), Around View Monitoring (AVM), Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Rear Collision Warning (RCW). Includes patterns for Cadillac, Honda (x2), Mercedes, Nissan, VW (x2). Includes Night Vision Calibration box and stand; Radar Calibration box, plate, corner reflector, and stand; Laser box to identify vehicle's central axis.

Build the vehicle to view coverage.

- Frame Package 
- LDW Target Package 1
- ADAS Calibration Package
- 1-year Subscription
- 1-year Warranty

Not included with the LDW Package but required:
- MaxiSYS Tablet, compatible units include the ms908, ms908s, ms908p, ms908sp, ms908 Elite, ms908 MaxiADAS. List of currently available units.
- MaxiSYS ADAS Tablet Upgrade

Not included with the LDW Package and optional:
- LDW Target Package 2
- AVM patterns for Ford, Porsche, VW

The centerpiece of the Autel ADAS system is the Calibration Frame, it consists of 4 major pieces:
- Frame, a 200-lb metal structure that consists of the Base (with wheels and leveling feet) and the Lifter with powered and manual adjustments for height. 
- Crossbar (251cm wide, approx 8'-2"), attaches to the Lifter. Gooves in the light metal Crossbar accomodate a sliding Laser Plate and 2 measuring tape boxes and 2 Laser Position Rulers (red) on each end. Crossbar height and left-right movement is adjustable.
- Magnetic Pattern Board (136cm 98.5cm) (54"x39"), a magnetic board on a light metal frame that fits onto the Lifter. 
- Target Board Holder, a light metal frame that fits onto the Lifter. Sliders on the frame allow targets to be adjusted left-right.


The Autel Calibration Frame is capable of making the fine-tune adjustments required to complete calbrations.




Unboxing the Autel ADAS Advanced Package
The Autel ADAS Advanced Package gets delivered via freight and includes a pallet piled with boxes and a wooden crate for the Crossbar. The large AVM floor patterns (sold separately) are also shipped in wooden crates.  This video was recorded during a busy weekday and begins with the unwrapping of the pallet, continues with the assembly of the Crossbar, the Calibration Frame and placement of the Magnetic Pattern Board. It ends after all items have been placed onto storage shelves (sold separtely). The process with breaks and interuptions and assembly of the shelves took about 4 hours.



ADAS A-Z and New User Attempts to perform a Calibration
Autel trainer George Lesniak gives a full presentation covering ADAS from A to Z. Afterwards a newcomer to calibrating these systems attempts to perform his first calibration on a forward recognition camera relying only on the guides provided by the Autel MaxiSys Calibration System and the watchful eye of Lesniak. Will he be successful? Watch and find out!.



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