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Electude Essentials Learning for Technicians

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What is Electude Essentials?
Electure Essentials Learning for Technicians is a virtual world where you learn and practice your automotive troubleshooting skills using the "Engine Diagnostic Trainer" on realistic engines using a variety of virtual diagnostic tools. With Argo, you will learn the basics and the advanced aspects of automotive diagnostics. It's the most comprehensive and effective automotive e-learning solution currently available.

How does Electude Essentials work?
Browse to the Electude site, log-in as a 'student' and then select from over 450 topics. Read the content and try to solve the problems presented using the tools and information provided. Did you get it right?

If not try again.

Electude Essentials is available wherever and whenever you are!
Electude Essentials' cross-platform compatibility with mobile and desktop devices (PC, Mac, phones, tablets) means 24/7/365 access. Electude is also available in over 20 different languages.

Electude Essentials in your language!
After your account is created, choose the language that works best for you, there are over 30 choices! 
Spanish (Latin America or Spain), English (American or British), Japanese, Chinese, etc...
Please note, not all courses within Electude have been translated.

What's covered?
Over 400 topics in 11 groups cover all aspects of automotive repair from the basics to the advanced, including the 8 areas covered by ASE:
* Engine Repair
* Auto Transmission
* Manual Drive Train
* Suspension & Steering
* Brakes
* Electrical/Electronic
* I-HVAC * Engine Performance
* Foundations
* New technologies
* Others
Over 160 of the topics utilize the "Engine Diagnostic Trainer".

Shops can use Electude Essentials 
Evaluate a job applicant, is he or she the top gun he claims to be? Let him/her prove it with Electude Essentials.
Do you have in-shop training? Electude Essentials makes it easy to add top-level training for every level of technician. Ask about a multi-user discount.

Schools and Trainers can use Electude Essentials 
Enhanced packages for schools, fleets, and trainers with multiple students are available.  Enhancements include customization of the Argo with your branding, ability to upload your content, and teacher logins.  Electude Essentials meets the requirements of NATEF Standard 11 E-learning and is SCORM compliant with Moodle, ANGEL and Blackboard. Documentation available upon request. Contact us for pricing and details.

- 1-year subscription to all Electude modules
- Student log-in
- Electude Simulator
- Engine Management

Electude is an HTML5 application that runs in your browser. It requires up to 1GB of memory and at times it can consume 100% of a CPU core particularily when running the simulator. On slow processors the user experience may be poor. Electude runs in recent versions of all major browsers: Chrome (best performance, recommended), Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer. Electude runs on Android (Chrome) and iOS (Safari). For a better user experience you need a recent and fast device (phone or tablet).

Note: Roughly 60% of the Electude content will work on android mobile phones, therefore, the users experience will vary and can be limited by the size of their screen. It is recommended that users use a PC, Netbook, Chromebook or Mac. Preferably a computer with a keyboard and mouse or trackpad.


Language options available as of July 2021
Not all but much of the content of Electude have been translated into over 30 languages. You can change to any language you choose, as often as you choose.  

However, the content that has not been translated into that language will not display. That's because the system only displays the content that's been translated for that language. To see all the content availlable switch back to English or to another language that has been fully translated.

Bahasa Indonesia -Indonesian

Bosanski- Bosnian

Ceština - Czech

Dansk - Danish

Deutsch - German

English (American)

English (British English)

Español - Spanish

Español  - Spanish (Latin American)

Euskara - Basque

Françias - French

Hrvatski - Croatian

Italiano - Italian

한국어 (hangug-eo) - Korean

Lietuvių Kalba - Lithuanian

Magyar - Hungarian

Nederlands - Dutch (Netherlands)

Norsk - Norwegian

Polski - Polish

Portuguēs do Brasil - Portuguese (Brazilian)

Portuguēs eutopeu - Portuguese (European)

Românä - Romanian

Shqip - Albanian

Slovenčina - Slovak

Slovenščina - Slovenian

Suomi - Finnish

Svenska - Swedish

ไทย (Thiy) - Thai

Tiếng Việt - Vietnamese

 arabic - عربى

Türk – Turkish


Ελληνικά (Ellinikά) - Greek
Български (Bulgarski) - Bulgarian

русский (Russkiy) - Russian

Српски (Srpski) – Serbian
日本語 (Nihongo) - Japanese
簡體中文 (Jianti Zhongwen) – Chinese simplified
繁體中文 (Fanti Zhongwen) - Chinese (traditionl)



Electude Essentials Content

Electude Essentials is divided into modules, each module is subdivided into sections and sub-sections.


The list for the Electrical Engineering module is shown along with its sections and sub-sections. 


Each section is written at one of 4 learning levels: Level 1 (Beginners) to Level 4 (Diagnostic Specialists).


Electude Essentials meets the requirements of NATEF Standard 11 E-learning.







Electude Essentials demo: Direct and Alternating Current Module

Some modules, like this one, explain the underlying principles, which are needed to understand how specific processes and parts of the car work.


You can vary different parameters in the simulation by dragging the sliders.




Electude Essentials DEMO: Oscilloscope Exercises Module

This simulation allows you to practice using an oscilloscopeto measure real-world signals on a breakout box connected to an engine control unit.


This module features a fully functional Fluke 123 ScopeMeter. Click the power button on the scope to turn it on and to minimize it.


Use your mouse to click and drag the probes to the breakout box. Click the wiring diagram to help you determine where to connect the probes. If you need help click the STEP BY STEP instructions.





altElectude Essentials DEMO: Fault Finding with a multimeter

This module features a fully functional multimeter that can be used to troubleshoot a rear window heater circuit.





Electude Essentials DEMO: Networks - CAN Diagnosis Module

Diagnose faults in a CAN bus system by removing and creating connections.




altElectude Essentials Demo: ESP operating conditions

Operate the valves in an electronic stability control system to discover how different operating conditions can be created.





altElectude Essentials Demo: Engine block types

An introduction to various engine block types. This excerpt shows the differences between an inline, a V and a VR engine.




Electude Essentials Demo: Exhaust Gases and Catalysts Module

Discover how the exhaust gas from a gasoline engine is treated to meet stricter emissions requirements.




altElectude Essentials Demo: Pressure cap

See how the pressure cap works by varying the pressure in the cooling system.




altElectude Essentials Demo: Lighting

Explore the functions of the lights on a vehicle.




altElectude Essentials Demo: Wheels

This segment shows the meaning of some wheel dimensions and how they are measured.



Electude and the Engine Simulator (long video)

Electude and the Engine Simulator (short video)

Electude, Simulador de mecánica automotriz Electude



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