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Pressure Pro Pressure Transducer Kit

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

This item may take 1-2 weeks to ship out.

Use the ATS Pressure Pro kit to connect two transducers (-30 HG and 300 PSI) and the iEA Exhaust Sensor (+/-25" H20) to your favorite lab scope. 

When testing the internal combustion engine with the ATS Pressure Pro connected to a multi-channel lab scope you can monitor in-cylinder pressure (300 PSI Gasoline, or 500 PSI Diesel), induction pressure (-30 Hg), and exhaust pressure (+/- 25 H20) simultaneously.

The Pressure Pro base unit powers multiple pressure transducers, provides ground, and supplies output signals simultaneously to individual scope channels. Each transducer can be independently zeroed.

The ATS absolute -30 Hg vacuum sensor reads down to a negative 29.53 inches of mercury while allowing a positive pressure of 30 inches mercury (15 PSI) to be read.

The ATS absolute 300 PSI pressure sensor reads positive pressure to 300 PSI while allowing negative pressure down to 14.69 Psi (-29.92Hg) to be read.

The absolute iEA Exhaust Sensor reads positive pressure to +25 inches H20, while allowing a negative pressure down to -25 inches H20.

Kit Contents
• Pressure Pro
• 300 PSI Transducer
• -30 HG Vacuum Transducer
• iEA Exhaust Sensor (+/-25" H20)
• 2 Pressure Transducer Cables
• Phono Jack to Phono Jack Cable
• 3 Pressure Pro to Scope BNC Cables
• 14mm Stainless Steel Compression Tester Adapter
• 18mm Stainless Steel Compression Tester Adapter
• Exhaust Tailpipe Hose
• Quick Connect Coupler - Small
• 1/4" Hose Adapter
• 3/8" Hose Adapter
• Custom Carry Case

Available separately:
• 500 PSI Transducer
• 5000 PSI Transducer
• iEA Tailpipe Amplifier
• Other accessories



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