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Sample setup for a meter


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pdf Signalrouter_Manual_V7new3.pdf (5.6 MB)
Setup Examples

The SIGNALrouter is a 4-channel low voltage signal control box designed to work with any digital multimeter or lab scope. Quickly select lead combinations to safely and efficiently complete a diagnosis of vehicle electrical circuits.

A technician working alone can activate the load and quickly determine: Source voltage, Load voltage, and isolated all inclusive Power and Ground side voltage drop! NO LEAD CHANGES!

The Signalrouter control switches allow you to select which combination of test lead inputs you view. With the use of the two switches you can cross-tie signals for multiple tests with the same lead connections. A polarity switch on the SIGNALrouter lets you switch meter reading polarity to easily use the Min/Max function. LED indicator lights easily show the lead selection being viewed.

Read the User Manual to learn more about the different combinations of tests that can be run with the SIGNALrouter.

The SIGNALrouter kit includes shielded jumper leads to connect to your DMM and/or scope, a set of four 10-ft shielded test leads and gators to connect to the vehicle and an easily accessible fuse (250mA fast acting).

1 @ SIGNALrouter base unit
1 @ 3-ft Shielded Jumper Red signal and Black ground (Connects DMM to base unit)
1 @ 10-ft Shielded Lead Blue signal and Black ground
1 @ 10-ft Shielded Lead Green signal and Black ground    
1 @ 10-ft Shielded Lead Red signal and Black ground        
1 @ 10-ft Shielded Lead Yellow signal and Black ground
1 @ Gator Blue 
1 @ Gator Green 
1 @ Gator Red
1 @ Gator Yellow 
4 @ Gator Black
1 @ Fuse (250mA fast acting)
1 @ User Manual
1 @ Storage Box (cardboard) 

Troubleshooting slow starter cranking problem
Along with being able to see both source and load voltages (as the scope does), the Signalrouter provides the additional capability to isolate the power or ground side of a circuit with no test lead changes. Determining the associated voltage drop only requires changing the switches not the test leads.

This 6-min video shows how quickly a technician working alone can test:
- source voltage
- load voltage
- power side voltage drop
- ground side voltage drop
These four critical tests can be completed easily in less than one minute after placing the leads.


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