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> Lab Scopes > PicoScope 4823 8-channel Automotive Oscilloscope


PicoScope 4823 8-channel Automotive Oscilloscope

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning
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The 4823 is a high-resolution, 8-channel automotive oscilloscope that features a common-ground configuration, a maximum input range of 50V (protected to 100V), and a maximum sample rate of 80MS/s (10MS/s if using all 8 channels).

The 4823 is the same 8-channel automotive scope module included with the Pico PQ184 Professional Diagnostic Kit.

The scope includes protection fuses on the eight inputs and is compatible with the PicoScope Automotive software.
- fast enough for CAN, CAN FD, and FlexRay including serial data decoding
- pre-configured for automotive probes
- compatible with Pico Automotive software which includes more than 150 Guided tests
- provides access to the Pico waveform library which now supports 8 channels
- 12-bit resolution
- 20 MHz bandwidth
- 256 MS buffer memory
- SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface

Comparison 4823 vs 4425
- 50V vs 200V inputs 
- 80MS/s vs 400MS/s
- Common ground vs Floating inputs
- No ConnectDetect™ vs ConnectDetect™
- No hardware filter available vs Hardware filter available
- No bracket vs Integral hanging bracket
- End caps vs Protective rubber boot

Why use an 8-channel scope?
- V6/V8 Cam timing (4/6 cams plus crank, and sometimes a WPS), and VVT timing systems.
- Trucks, construction and agriculture equipment where technicians require a mix of electrical and hydraulic measurements on multiple valves simultaneously to diagnose problems with system
- Full system diagnosis on components (including power, ground, signals, current)
- General engine diagnostics

PicoScope 4823 8-channel Automotive Oscilloscope contents
- PicoScope 44823 8-channel oscilloscope module
- USB Cable- Quick start guide
- 2-year warranty


PicoScope 4823 Specifications

Channels 8
Vertical resolution 12 bits (up to 16 bits in enhanced resolution mode)
DC accuracy ±1% of full scale ±300 μV
Input sensitivity 2 mV/div to 10 V/div (10 vertical divisions)
Input ranges (full scale) ±10 mV to ±50 V in 12 ranges
Input characteristics 1 MΩ in parallel with 19 pF
Input type BNC
Input coupling Software selectable AC/DC
Input overvoltage protection ±100 V (DC + AC peak)
Buffer memory 256 MS shared between active channels
Timebase ranges 20 ns/div to 5000 s/div
Bandwidth (-3 dB) 20 MHz
10 MHz (10 mV and 20 mV ranges)
Maximum sampling rate (real time):
1-4 channels in use
5-8 channels in use
80 MS/s
40 MS/s
Maximum sampling rate
(continuous streaming mode)
20 MS/s using PicoScope 6 software
80 MS/s per channel using supplied API,
160 MS/s total across all channels (PC-dependent)
Analog offset range
(vertical position adjustment)
±250 mV (10 mV to 500 mV ranges)
±2.5 V (1 V to 5 V ranges)
±25 V (10 V to 50 V ranges)
Standard output signals Sine, square, triangle, DC voltage, ramp, sinc, Gaussian, half-sine, white noise, PRBS
Standard signal frequency DC to 1 MHz
Sweep modes Up, down, dual
Triggering Can trigger a counted number of waveform cycles or sweeps (up to 1 billion)
from the scope trigger or manually from software.
Frequency accuracy ±20 ppm
Frequency resolution < 20 mHz
Voltage range ±2 V
Amplitude and offset adjustment Signal amplitude and offset within ± 2V range.
DC accuracy ±1% of full scale
Output characteristics Rear-panel BNC, 600 Ω output impedance
Overvoltage protection ±10 V
Update rate 80 MS/s
Buffer size 16 kS
Resolution 14 bits
Operating temperature range 0 °C to 45 °C (20 °C to 30 °C for quoted accuracy)
Operating humidity range 5% to 80% RH, non-condensing
Storage temperature range -20 to +60°C
Storage humidity range 5 to 95% RH, non-condensing
Dimensions 190 x 160 x 40 mm (approx 7.5 x 6.3 x 1.6 in)
Weight < 0.55 kg (approx 1.2 lbs)
Additional accessories (supplied) USB cable and Safety Guide
PC interface SuperSpeed USB 3.0 (USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compatible)
Power requirements Powered from USB
Approvals FCC and CE compliant
Warranty 2 years

Tight spacing!


The 4823 scope module is the same height and width as the 4425 but the 4823 has twice as many channel inputs. That means it will be more difficult to add and remove the leads. The protective boot adds to the crowding.


There is 10.22 mm between each BNC input on the 8-channel 4823. That is tighter than the older 4423/3423 modules.

Fingering the Pico 4823


The 2-channel 4225, the 4-channel 4425, and the 8-channel 4823.

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